What is a Fidget Spinner?

A fidget spinner is a handheld spinning top. Most utilize a ball bearing in the center to spin the outside weights. These pocket size tops are great for keeping your hands busy. Tapping your feet constantly, clicking ball point pens, nail biting, and more are examples of fidgeting activities that these spinners are meant to be used in replacement of.

What is Fidgeting?

Fidgeting can be defined as the act of moving about restlessly. There are many causes of fidgeting, including nervousness, agitation, boredom or a combination of these. Many times it is considered an unconscious act.

What is a Fidget Spinner Used For?

A fidget spinner is used to replace other commonly used fidget items or activities. These include clicking ball point pens, biting nails, finger/leg tapping, ring twirling, playing with hair/fingers/clothing, and many others.

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